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Berrak Machine | Chemical Food Agriculture and Industry Manifacturing Company
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Kashkaval Cheese Knitting Machine

Product Code : BKDOPF

“Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel.
“30 lt product Inlet hopper. Cheese don’t to adhesion of through special design.
“Specially designed forming unit.
“ ½'' pneumatic valve indirect steam inlet.
“Machine consists of a total 4 units.
“In first unit, there are inlet hopper and two spriral
“In second unit, there are cheese cutting blade and cooling water. Cutting blade is pneumatic systems.
“In third unit, there is the band of roving knitted mesh.
“In fourth unit, collecting tank with briny water for cheese.
“1st and 2nd Unit engines have speed controller.
“500 kg/h capacity.
“Digital temperature display and control mechanism in the control panel, speed controller, engine protection available.

Kashkaval Cheese Knitting Machine

Kashkaval Cheese Machine